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inclusions and Exclusions

Inclusions and Exclusions

Inclusions and Exclusions

1. General

1.1 Our service strictly adheres to industry practices, building standards, and regulations, disregarding subjective interpretations or personal beliefs. We prioritize compliance with established norms and guidelines to ensure the safety, quality, and integrity of our installations.

1.2. Our employees are obligated to follow all safety protocols mandated by workplace safety regulations, including the compulsory use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as steel-capped work boots, as specified by WorkSafe laws.

While we recognize diverse religious practices, it is essential to understand that workplace safety laws take precedence over personal preferences. We demand full compliance without obstruction or harassment toward our employees regarding the wearing of necessary work gear during their duties.

By engaging with us, you have waived any objections. Any required floor protection must be provided at your expense and ready upon our workers' arrival onsite. Any delay resulting in our workers' wait time for your preparation will result in additional costs.

Refusing access to our workers wearing PPE will be considered a breach of contract, leading to full liability for all associated costs.

1.3 As building standards evolve, there may be a need to replace existing glass with thicker variants to meet updated requirements. However, this transition can present challenges, particularly with older frames equipped with rubbers, beads, seals, and timbers that may not adequately accommodate the thicker glass. Typically, the standard procedure in such scenarios involves removing outdated components and applying a silicone seal to secure the glass within metal frames. It is crucial to note that with timber frames, this adjustment may cause the beading to protrude further from the frame.

1.4 Glass replacement in timber windows usually involves putty or timber beading. It is important to note that putty, commonly used in such instances, only comes in a cream color. Please be aware that we do not undertake painting of your frame to match the original finish as part of our service. Any painting required to match the frame must be organized separately on your end.

1.5 Frames featuring timber beads are occasionally prone to snapping during removal, often due to the excessive application of silicone by previous installers or suppliers. Should such an incident occur, we offer the courtesy of replacing the snapped beads. However, please note that you are responsible for painting them to match the existing framework.

2. Shower Screens

2.1 During a removal and replace service, we cannot assess any mounting or fixing fixtures before removing the shower screen. This may include identifying old screw holes or damage to tiles or walls without removing the shower screen. As a glass service provider, if any damage or holes are discovered, you will need to engage a tiler at your expense to rectify the issue before we can proceed with our services.

2.2 When installing a new shower screen after removing an old one, it is important to note that over the years, products have become smaller and more compact. Today's products may not cover old bulky products where previous installers have placed fixing locations like screw holes or silicone, which can damage tilework. Any visible issues will need to be rectified on your end.

3. Pet Doors

3.1 Installing pet doors into sliding doors or doors with flyscreens involves adding a product to both the exterior and interior of the glass, potentially affecting the operation of the sliding door and flyscreen mechanism. In such cases, adjustments may be necessary to ensure proper functionality. This may involve the removal of the flyscreen side seal or modifications such as grinding or altering the framework to accommodate the newly added product.

3.2 While we strive to offer our best guidance on pet door selection, it is important to acknowledge that every animal is unique. Some dogs may exhibit more hyperactive or reckless behavior than others, potentially leading to damage or destruction of recommended products. In such cases, if the cause of damage is determined to be due to the behavior of the pet, the warranty on installed products will be considered void and fall under misuse. We appreciate your understanding of this policy.

4. Customers Responsibility's

4.1 Clients are responsible for providing clear and safe access to the installation area, including removing any obstacles or hazards that may impede our workers. If we need to move furniture or wait around for access to be made this time will be billed on top of any given quote.

4.2 Any existing fixtures or structures that may impact the installation process should be disclosed to our team beforehand.

4.3 Our quotes are based on the assumption that access to the site is readily available when our team arrives. If we need to collect keys from real estate offices or other locations to gain entry, the time spent on this task will be billed in addition to the quoted price, unless otherwise specified in the quote.


Please ensure you read our terms and conditions below also.

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