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Pet Doors

Pet Doors

At North Geelong Glass, we can install a pet door for you in just about any spot you'd like with glass. 

Depending on your window frame setup we've got some new options available to make sure your pet can access the door easily.  

When installing pet doors we are unable to cut a hole in existing glass as pet doors need to be installed in safety glass for the impact from the pets using the door. Unfortunately you can't cut a hole in existing tempered safety glass as it releases the pressure during the tempering process and will cause the glass to explode.

On the site visit we will be able to answer any questions you may have that aren't already answered below.

We supply and install the standard circle pet doors and now offer new rectangle options which are made here in Australia which are heavy duty and also allow for better accessibility depending on frame type. 

Below are the types of installs and some information on each so you can get an idea and some information relevant with your windows.

Standard Mounting Option

The most common setup is where the cut-out (square of circle) is cut into the piece of glass during the cutting stage before going through the heat treating stage which tempers the glass turning it into safety glass. 

With this option any cut-out into glass needs a minimum 80mm edge to edge for strength. Depending on the window frame you've got sometimes once you add the frame height and the 80mm clearance the pet door is too high.

This is usually a problem if installing into a timber or aluminium frame with a large bottom frame rail, or if your pet has short legs as it wont be high enough to access the door. 

The standard mounting option is usually best when you've got a medium sized dog upwards with no large bottom frame rail. 

U-Cut Option 

The new style available is what we call a U-Cut option. 

What we do with this is instead of cutting a cut-out in the glass we cut the bottom of the glass in the shape of a U. This way we no longer need a minimum clearance of 80mm.

This option is best when the frame you're installing the pet door into is quite tall or with shorter legged animals.

With the U-Cut option we can only do it with a rectangle to form the U shape and are unable to do it with a circle style pet door.


Custom Made - Full Sized Acrylic Panels

Sometimes if you're installing into a frame which will be too small for the glass and pet door assembly an option is a full sized acrylic panel with the pet flap cut into it. 

Not only does this look clean, it allows us more options for smaller windows that usually would not support the glass and pet assembly. 


Custom Made -  Acrylic Split Panels

Sometimes you've got either a long or narrow window which the full sized acrylic panel wouldn't work and is also too small for a pet door assembly.

The option here is installing what we call a split panel which is half glass and half acrylic. We then join the acrylic and glass with a piece of aluminium H section in either White or Black. 

Pet Door Assembly’s – Sizes are for an indication only and may slightly differ from product




Flap Size

U-Cut Option



Cat Door

180 x 170




Dog Door

285 x 250




Medium Door

305 x 220




Large Door

415 x 310




XL Door

480 x 360




Greyhound Door

505 x 280




Whippet Door

400 x 240



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